Fredi Handshoe


In the Beginning

Fredi Handshoe (born in Trenton, New Jersey) is a recording artist, songwriter, audio engineer and record producer. Before he could walk he could slap lps on his father's turntable and there his love .....better yet his obsession with music began. Listening to such greats as Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Fats Domino, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams and Buck Owens from his parents record collection the musical imprinting had begun. Who knew that the Man in Black and the Father of Rock Guitar would leave such a mark on a young impressionable blank slate? Before he could talk he would take his weapon of choice (at this point it was a ukulele which he took as his guitar) and babble out melodies inspired by some of the great masters.

Fredi kicked off his musical career in the ATL Music scene as Lead Guitarist for the band Sex Cab. They enjoyed minor success touring the east coast during the early 90’s with international label interest but no official deals. During their time together they released two independent efforts entitled “Sex Cab” and “It Ain't Easy” on the Planet Nine label (both releases are currently out of print). Fredi and the bassist Brash continued playing together in two other bands Marz and Goin’ Blind during the latter part of the 90’s where Fredi and Brash began to share the role of lead vocals. Sex Cab reunited in 2000 to perform a special one off benefit show and once again parted as friends to pursue their own musical careers.

After a brief hiatus, the end of 2000 brought a new project to light the band Super Sonic Guitars. Fredi and Goin’ Blind drummer Dave Browning recruited guitarist Brett Parker and bassist Steve Sizemore to complete this project. They kicked off their stint together in Lexington, Ky. at Rupp Arena and performed at several KISS and Rock Expos across the country Atlanta to New York, Baltimore to Omaha and everywhere in between. Sex Cab drummer Chris Moore joined forces with Fredi again in Super Sonic Guitars for a hand full of shows in 2003. After Dave returned at years end, Fredi parted ways to pursue a solo career due to internal conflicts and directional differences within the band.

To be continued....